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11 2016

05 2017

Contracted to develop initially PoC’s for an MVP, using Drupal 7 Framework for prototyping core features. A web based multi-side platform that allows content rich profiles for candidates, social enterprises, companies, schools and mentors. The primary search functions allow companies to search candidates from disadvantaged backgrounds, and those candidates to search jobs and internships offered. Social enterprises can also configure tools to capture valuable feedback from candidates enabling them to measure and refine interventions.
The overall platform offers a range of additional functionality that will allow the creation of an ecosystem that optimises the interaction between the key stakeholders who can enable young people to develop their potential and for companies to tap into this hidden pool of talent.

Discovery of product brand, research, analysis and outcomes, stakeholder interviewing, along with business analysis write proposed Lean UX, MVP solution, with supportive documentation, includes human resources and investment required together with loosely defined iterative production timelines for stakeholder investment
Information Architecture – Big data CMS / CRM Articles, files – Visualisations, context, content, experience – User personas: relationships and linking, taxonomy, search schemas. Develop User patterns, through personas and brand research (investigate character groups, socio-economic groups, brainstorming strengths, weaknesses opportunity, threats) develop and define business logic.
Develop Drupal Architecture, with Development Team, Mentor Drupal Developers, maps and diagrams. Produce prototype with key functions configured / coded such as: multiple user workbench / control panel, content / user workflows, sharing files, social community / groupings / connections social share features, search tools / schemas
Develop and design UI brand, style guide colours and typography, fonts, logo designs, conceptual designs
Develop content, straplines, copywriting
Create UI layout, wireframes Axure, IPAD and UI Designs for: Header, menu, navigation, Footer, Home landing page, Company landing page, Mentor landing page, Candidate lading page, Workshops and Events Landing pages, Jobs search results, Candidate search results, Mentor search results, Blogger page, Articles page, User Dashboard, Mentor, Candidate, Company – create job posts, events, messaging, calendar, file sharing, video, Registration forms, user profile cards, CTA’s, event notice: iterative and collaborated - AGILE

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PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
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Stake Holder Management
Web consultancy
Discovery, analysis & documentation
Research and development - R&D
Information Architecture - IA
Wireframes, User Experience - UX
User Interface Design - UI
Drupal architecture
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