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March 2008 - May 2008

Coolmatters Ltd is an established manufacturer, supplier and installation professionals in the UK for Coldroom stores, air refridgeration and air conditioning.
No online presence had existed before except for local trade directory listings. A modest amount of content had been produced for a company services brochure, with a few photographs.
The identity "branding" of coolmatters Ltd as a company online was to remain consistent with there existing business stationary to date (with some graphical update to logo) and Coolmatters also required some ranking in Google the higher the position the better for keywords "coldroom installations" "& M25 area".
As much as a priority as any the site was to be self administered once built. An administrative complaint was that they recieved alot of calls just on help, and time for this was eating away valuable company time, as well as creating print brochures for there services and supplies everytime a new product (fortnightly) was availble. Major hinderances!

Objectives (in no order of priority)
1. To design, develop and implement website 2. Expand services awareness through good search engine placement / ranking 3. To help allieviate business administrative tasks IE; telephone calls for help desk FAQ's, and time consuming services and supplies brochures (print) 4. To invoke a sense of trust from new online users and to build a sense of community 5. To showcase company services through a listing of projects

As a greenfield project with no plans meant time spent onsite at Coolmatters documenting how the business worked. A clear story of the daily routines of the administrative staff including some time spent with the CEO and his vision to clarify achievable goals and results for now and in the future. The website is self adminsitered and so time was spent ascertaining skill levels in order to create a manageable solution. Bascially balancing the site build requirements and functionality, to what can be done in-house? to what they would need from DWS including support and backup? compiling a plan within the agreed to budget and time frame.

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