Web or Hybrid App, Mobile App or Native App ?

There's no doubt mainly people get confused. Luckily there are statistics and many articles to give some form of clarity to this major juncture in your business investment.


Recently I had quite a drawn out meeting discussing the reasons not to build an app for the sake of having an app. I mean its like if you don't have an app your not considered modern, trendy, fashionable. This kind of irrational thinking leads to many business's investing and reinvesting in what seems an endless chain of spiraling production costs. Peer pressure is a major obstacle, but logic and reasoning with a large dose of common sense aims to prevail. 


So the million dollar question is what do you need, Mobile App, Web / Hybrid App or Native App.

What are they? We'll start with the most expensive which is Native App.

Native Apps are specific to the smartphone vendor. Windows, Android and Apple. 

The three have their own coding language, so if you wanted your Application to reach 100% of the possible market reach you will require coding for Windows whose native language come in three flavors Visual Basic, C#, and C++, Android which uses Java Virtual Machine and Java, recently Google have opted for using Kotlin which is built by JetBrains and finally Apple which uses X-Code.
Apple is the only company that charges for the privilege of publishing and submitting app to there online store ITunes. 


Hybrid or Web Apps are specific to the smartphone vendor. Windows, Android and Apple BUT use a  

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