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The benefits of using Drupal as a Framework for your small, medium or enterprise level businesses

Drupal ethos is a different way of thinking.
Market competitors is Wordpress which really is someting the tech market has made up.
In truth Drupal is a software application which allows scalability, to some of the largest enterprises today.
Not complaining the advertising for Drupal was still good however, the pradigm needs to shift.

Lets start with anologies.

Example one
Small start-up example
A farmer has Macademia trees. At present he sells onto local market and traders. The farmer would rather sell directly and illiminate the middle-man. After some lengthy discussions with the Farms employess and some consultation, it is decided to make this plan happen.

The solution the farms requires is the middleman. An online presence is the only way forward. The farms inventory (proprietroy sofware storing this data), CRM (currently expensive software), Payment and accounts, tracking and delivery.


Example two

Example three
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