Prototyping UX IA UI, Axure RP and Drupal

I have been using Axure RP for a few years now, as a tool helping me to prototype architectural software solutions, mainly for builds in Drupal very quickly. Axure RP allows a build to be seen in its entirety, allowing you to map the information architecture IA, model the User Experience UX, adding User Interface UI components and having javascript JS to bring the prototype closer to the end product as can be.

Apply other specific Graphical User Interface GUI elements to the layout immediately allowing clients greater ability to view its brand and identity early and approve.Bit pricey, when it comes to collaboration, and many designers I have worked with use inVision, a little basic, or UXPin. However after basic level collaboration, much of the work in planning the entire product application should be done on a more detailed level.

UX design and prototyping using Drupal API If you know Drupal and you have time to add contributed UI modules, and can do some simple UI coding, front-end, prototyping a solution can be done in a few days, of course depending on the build requirement and other intricacies or details to factor in. For example you may want micro-interactions and animations this can be tested for delivery speeds and responses much faster as the prototype is built within boxed or containerised development environments, and is already setup for production, again speeding product to market.

Allow the client a live experience with all the subsequent pages. For example building Groups, like FB Groups and using Axure RP/ UXPin/ inVision to present any extra functionalities that will require custom Drupal module development or extensibility from an existing contributed Drupal module, or better UI, of course.This type of prototype formulates the build timings quickly and accurately. Costings can be agreed upon. The AGILE production team can quickly deliver build schedules. Importantly the client, stake holders can have a clearly defined view of end product.

This is far better than any UX tool available, in my opinion the benefits are clear. If you don’t know Drupal then I advise Axure RP or UXPin for professionally delivered prototypes and architectural solutions, if your a UX designer with Drupal knowledge then I would urge you to roll with Drupal further, even if its not the CMS of choice its a great prototyping tool.


There's a recent review of Axure RP here https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2016/07/a-deep-dive-into-axure-8-a-comprehensive-review/

Descision makers

The purpose of this blog is to discuss starting an proposal and agreement, and disclosing at these points the descision maker or makers. One is preferred.

The descision maker has the hardest role to maintain at project level. When the project is in full swing, objectives of the build are completed in a pre-definied sequence of events. Each sequence maybe called a milestones, or phase for example and its the "descision makers" lead that progresses the flow of the product cycle and development. All descision makers should have a substitute in case of absence, and as not to delay product to market.

A descision maker perhaps maybe a go-between to the other higher level stake holders, and actually doesn't make any descisions at all. The descision makers are the contract signees on behalf of, and as contracts, proposals, agreements that have larger budgets have part-payments made based on reaching agreed milestones by descision makers.

If your company is very small descisions maybe made faster

Sometimes descision makers may leave company. This can have a very devastating affect.
A descision maker leaves, and a new one steps in. They need to be brought up tp speed on the project. This can take alot of time. What if they are on probation, and after 3mths they leave and we are back to bring another descision maker up to date.
This is of course if they understand the complexities of 6mths in less than 1mth. DISASTER.

If you are considering to undertake a project please be sure of the descision maker and her role. They can make or break a project, 7/10 times this is an issue. Especially if the company owner or owners disregard company ethics and intervene. This too is DISASTER.

Please company owners, if you have hired a person to do a job, and you have done your homework employing them, then your job is done. Its now the person you employed to see the project through.


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Describe a User Journey

Its is literally a persons journey, except through a User Interface UI, and researching and developing a user friendly, accessible and effiecient way for the User Experience UX.

We can take an anology.
I need to work out the best route for me. I am in West London. I dont have much time. Its 4.50pm. Reach Boston Manor by 5.15pm. Distance 2 miles
What is the best way for me to reach Bostom Manor Station from where I am in a coffee shop near Haven Green, Ealing Broadway Station?=

I think about my options

  • I live next to Boston Manor station (picadilly underground only)
  • Ealing broadway has no picadilly line. I would have to go to Acton Town and change then double back on the journey. peak time if i can get on a train.
  • I could wait for an E1 to pass by and go by bus..wait, packed wait for another
  • I could walk, perhaps only make it to Northfields, run to Boston Manor?
  • I could take a taxi, the traffic will be too heavy, even back roads will be conjested..

Result through theoritaclly, hueristic or physical deduction

  • walk quickly, and use the guide map (GPS map)

This is a typical thought process when we take a journey. We similary perform the same levels to building user journies and the UX in turn introducing that pattern to the UI

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