The complete product lifecycle. From Conception to Implementation and Support.

Working with NGO's, Greenfield, Start-Ups, Charities, Small and Medium sized Companies, servicing a wide variety of industry sectors like :-

  • Education
  • Products and Services E-Commerce
  • Financial 
  • Community & Social Networking
  • Recruitment
  • Game / Toy
  • Charities
  • Manufacturing
  • Entertainment Film and Music
  • Brand and Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Events
Product Design and Lean UX

Producing MVP’s from PoC’s and PLM from idea / conception to implementation and support. Managing stakeholder expectations (investment, viability) through presentations using PoC’s, prototypes and documentation to support product development.

User Research

Brand and Product User Research, Analysis and recommendations User Persona development, Market Analysis, Group Characterizations, Heuristic Analysis, Big Data analysis, User flows and Journey’s, Story boarding, Hi-fi mock-ups, A/B testing, UI Layout, Eye tracking data analysis, heat maps (Google),

Requirements Gathering and Business Analysis

Being able to ...Design Web Solution aims to provide a one stop service for your website requirements.
Typically DWS design, develop, implement and offer support to produce corporate, new or start-up business, e-commerce and online shopping, social or community, portfolio, forums, event management, magazine and journal, video galleries, file uploads and downloads, basically anything.....


we take your design, your ideas, your objectives (requirements) and provide:


  • Web Consultancy
  • Business Discovery and Best Practices
  • Information Architecture and User Experience
  • Wireframing and User Interface / Interaction
  • Branded User Interface
Information Architecture

Data classification, Taxonomy, schemas, structures: Linking, labelling, categorising, sitemaps card sorting workshops, personas story boarding, flows, diagrams, mind mapping, copy writing and content creation requirements, SEO Search Engine Optimisation, Google analytics / bounce statistics – user page tracking tools, KPI’s, A / B testing, user model testing

User Interaction + User Interface Design

Human Centered Interaction
User flows and Journey’s, Story boarding, Hi-fi mock-ups, A/B testing, UI Layout, Eye tracking data analysis, heat maps (Google),

AGILE | Waterfall Application Production


Development Environment, Best practices - AGILE

Mac, Windows, Ubuntu

UI Front-end Development

UI Services, REST API integrations, HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript, Back-end Development. PHP MySQL

Drupal Frameworks UI

Drupal versions, 5, 6 7 and 8
Decoupled, headless Drupal – UI Themes
Drupal configuration (contributed + custom)
Specialise in Migrations "defunct CMS's"+ Legacy sites to Drupal Framework / API’s since Drupal 5. Groups, file sharing,
Drupal anything u can think of API's


Linux Ubuntu,  Windows, Mac, Ruby, Compass, Sass, Drupal Themes | Front end | (SASS CSS3 HTML JS Symphony, PHP) Cross Browser Issues IE 7, 8. 9, 10 / Chrome JS CSS bug fixes, Responsive any Device, Performance Testing, GIT, Continuous Integration with Jenkins CI,
S3 servers, Amazon EC2 development + Production UAT - Drupal dev [DRUSH]

Knowledge and some experience of : Static progressive web apps generation. example Jekyll, Middleman, Roots, Hugo, Isomorphic dev like React.JS, Angular.JS

Deployment Best Practices

Amazon S3 Servers, domain routing, back-up’s, mirror copies, GIT, Jenkins, Containerisation - Docker

Drupal Content Managed Solutions

Product designs core function is too understand the product or business with an Identity.

Search Engine Optimisation

Drupal and Ubercart have been developed to reach as many users as possible, so your product can reach a potentially larger demographic online market.

SEO Consultancy
Google Sitemap Submission
Google, Yahoo, Bing Verification and Submissions
Google Base
Google Adsense
Clean URL's
Automated Meta Data
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