User Journey

Describe a User Journey

Its is literally a persons journey, except through a User Interface UI, and researching and developing a user friendly, accessible and effiecient way for the User Experience UX.

We can take an anology.
I need to work out the best route for me. I am in West London. I dont have much time. Its 4.50pm. Reach Boston Manor by 5.15pm. Distance 2 miles
What is the best way for me to reach Bostom Manor Station from where I am in a coffee shop near Haven Green, Ealing Broadway Station?=

I think about my options

  • I live next to Boston Manor station (picadilly underground only)
  • Ealing broadway has no picadilly line. I would have to go to Acton Town and change then double back on the journey. peak time if i can get on a train.
  • I could wait for an E1 to pass by and go by bus..wait, packed wait for another
  • I could walk, perhaps only make it to Northfields, run to Boston Manor?
  • I could take a taxi, the traffic will be too heavy, even back roads will be conjested..

Result through theoritaclly, hueristic or physical deduction

  • walk quickly, and use the guide map (GPS map)

This is a typical thought process when we take a journey. We similary perform the same levels to building user journies and the UX in turn introducing that pattern to the UI

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