descision makers

Descision makers

The purpose of this blog is to discuss starting an proposal and agreement, and disclosing at these points the descision maker or makers. One is preferred.

The descision maker has the hardest role to maintain at project level. When the project is in full swing, objectives of the build are completed in a pre-definied sequence of events. Each sequence maybe called a milestones, or phase for example and its the "descision makers" lead that progresses the flow of the product cycle and development. All descision makers should have a substitute in case of absence, and as not to delay product to market.

A descision maker perhaps maybe a go-between to the other higher level stake holders, and actually doesn't make any descisions at all. The descision makers are the contract signees on behalf of, and as contracts, proposals, agreements that have larger budgets have part-payments made based on reaching agreed milestones by descision makers.

If your company is very small descisions maybe made faster

Sometimes descision makers may leave company. This can have a very devastating affect.
A descision maker leaves, and a new one steps in. They need to be brought up tp speed on the project. This can take alot of time. What if they are on probation, and after 3mths they leave and we are back to bring another descision maker up to date.
This is of course if they understand the complexities of 6mths in less than 1mth. DISASTER.

If you are considering to undertake a project please be sure of the descision maker and her role. They can make or break a project, 7/10 times this is an issue. Especially if the company owner or owners disregard company ethics and intervene. This too is DISASTER.

Please company owners, if you have hired a person to do a job, and you have done your homework employing them, then your job is done. Its now the person you employed to see the project through.


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